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Boson Protocol is driven by the community

Join the DAO to help us forge a decentralized commerce ecosystem.

  • Everyone can trust

    Boson Protocol is progressively decentralizing towards community governance.
  • Anyone can use

    Developers can build commerce apps that everyone can trust and anyone can use.
  • Share in the value you create

    Participants share in the value they create, with minimally extractive protocol fees.

Mission & Vision

Boson aims to break the stranglehold of today’s e-commerce intermediaries by providing a commerce settlement layer for Web3. An open protocol to mediate commerce transactions.

Boson Protocol Governance

Boson Protocol is progressively decentralizing towards full community governance.

Decentralized governance is key to ensuring that Boson becomes – and remains – commerce infrastructure that anyone can use and everyone can trust.

Shape the future of the Protocol

Help create Boson Protocol a truly self-sustaining ecosystem.

Governance Process

Boson Protocol DAO’s governance process allows any community member to join the discussion on current proposals and vote on Snapshot. To make sure that those decisions are well-informed, as well as properly communicated to the wider community, the governance process in Boson consists of multiple steps.

  • Phase 1


  • Phase 2

    Vote on our Snapshot

  • Phase 3


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