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$BOSON Token

The core economic unit of the ecosystem

The $BOSON Token is the core economic unit of the Boson ecosystem – used to govern the protocol, incentivize different actors and share in the value created.


Boson Protocol is on a path of progressive decentralization, following a milestone based approach of technology development and community governance.


Boson implements a minimally extractive fee that can be activated by the Boson Protocol DAO through the Protocol fee switch. Fee’s accrue to the DAO treasury. Marketplaces & Resellers can charge additional fees, allowing a diverse set of business models to evolve.


Boson Protocol relies on different token policies to support network functionality and health. BOSON is used to align incentives, reward different actors, and bootstrap the network.
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How to get Boson tokens

Earn it

You can earn BOSON by taking part in development bounties, joining our meetups & AMAs, participating in competitions, or otherwise being an active part of the community.

Get it

‍You can buy or sell BOSON for fiat or other cryptocurrencies on multiple trustworthy exchanges.

Store it

BOSON is an ERC20 token deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain. To store Boson Tokens you can use any ERC20-compatible wallet.

BOSON is natively integrated with Ledger and MetaMask.

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