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Decentralizing commerce

Boson Protocol is the decentralized network on which future commerce will run. And it starts with metaverse commerce. Boson Protocol enables anyone to sell physical products in the metaverse as NFTs within our Decentraland space – Boson Portal.

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With Boson Protocol you can build commerce applications that anyone can trust and everyone can use.

Built for creators, communities and merchants, Boson Protocol enables the seamless exchange of digital assets for physical products, services and experiences.

Things, Money and Data:


Boson Protocol's exchange mechanism enables anyone to trade physical products for on-chain value by tokenizing a commitment to exchange as an NFT


Boson’s ERC-20-based Thing Tokens integrate with existing DeFi infrastructure to enable liquid digital marketplaces for any physical or digital item


Users can monetize their own commerce data by voluntarily opting into Web3 data marketplaces, giving them an equitable share of the proceeds
from their activities

Current e-commerce platforms extract excessive value from their users. Merchants, buyers and sellers don’t have a viable alternative. We’re decentralizing specific functions of  e-commerce platforms through smart contracts. This is decentralized commerce.

Go-To-Market Strategy
Metaverse commerce MVP
Enables brands to sell physical products in Decentraland
Metaverse commerce product
Enables brands to sell physical products in multiple Metaverses direct from existing e-commerce channels
Decentralized Commerce
Disrupt existing e-commerce platforms with decentralized commerce stack
Decentralizing commerce starts with the metaverse
Boson Portal is a fully customisable brand platform for Metaverse Commerce within Decentraland
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What can you build on Boson?
Metaverse commerce
Shop in the metaverse and receive the physical items on your doorstep or collect in-store.
Video games can enable players to buy or receive as gifts rare or special items. For example, on reaching Grand Wizard status, a player has the right to buy a special t-shirt.
Physical Twins of Digital Art
NFT artists can offer physical twins as NFTs, redeemable as physical artefacts.
Loyalty And Rewards
Loyalty and credit card rewards programs can offer physical and digital items in an interoperable format as NFTs and ERC-20s, without the cost and friction of intermediaries.
Online Commerce
Online Commerce 
Open commerce marketplaces where anything can be offered, listed and exchanged, thanks to our decentralized commerce protocol.
Crypto Exchanges
Decentralized Exchanges
Exchange tokens can be redeemed for real-world rewards directly from the exchange marketplace without touching fiat, thus increasing the token's value proposition.
Tokenized Networks
Tokenized Networks
Enabling users to exchange their network tokens for digital and physical goods and services, in order to increase user-perceived value and token value. 
Machine-to-Machine Commerce
Machine-to-Machine Commerce
For example in the automotive sector, self-driving cars will be able to purchase tyres or servicing with autonomous management of disputes.
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Key Team Members

Justin Banon
Gregor Borosa
Tech Co-Founder
Matt Law
Chief Strategy
Po Tang
Chief Financial Officer
Mariyana Garabetova
HR Director
Patrick Degenhardt
VP of Marketing
Boris Spremo
Head of dCommerce & Operations
Luke Gniwecki
Head of Product
Jeremy Sutherland
Director of Delivery
Scarlett Zhang
Head of Risk Management & Compliance
Holly Atkinson
Head of Metaverse Technology
Jonas Seiferth
Head of Strategy


Dr Trent McConaghy
Founder, Ocean Protocol
Advisor, Investor
Dr Zeynep Gurguc
Imperial College London
Economics Advisor
Dr Michael Zargham
Founder, Blockscience
Token Engineering Advisor
Jamie Burke
Founder, Outlier Ventures
Advisor, Investor
Sangeet Paul Choudary
Platform Strategy Consultant
Advisor, Market Design
Jordan Lyall
Co-founder, Nifty's & $MEME
Product Advisor
Lisa Gansky
Serial entrepreneur
Piers Kicks
Investor, Delphi Digital & BITKRAFT
Metaverse and gaming strategy
Dr Primavera De Filippi
Legal Scholar and Researcher
Legal & Governance Advisor
Silke Noa Elrifai
Lawyer & GC/CLO at Gnosis
Legal & Governance Advisor
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Boson Protocol. Decentralizing commerce.
Building the future of dCommerce?
Apply for a grant.
Want to engage with
the team?
Join our Discord channel.
Want to learn more?
Read our Reports.