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Boson Protocol

Web3's Commerce Layer

Boson Protocol enables the tokenization, transfer and trade of any physical thing as a redeemable NFT.

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Decentralized commercial exchange

Boson is an efficient, optimistic fair-exchange protocol which enables the decentralized commercial exchange of any physical thing, without centralized intermediaries or trusted counterparties.

Tokenization of real-world assets

Redeemable NFTs (rNFTs) can be thought of as forward contracts for physical things, programmed within smart contracts. rNFTs can be held, transferred or traded like any other NFT.

Fair-exchange assurance

Boson uses game theory and independent resolvers to provide the bearer of an rNFT with strong and credible assurance, that either they will be able to redeem the token for the physical thing or receive their money back.

NFTs with superpowers


Public infrastructure for commerce

Boson Protocol is the decentralized public infrastructure for commerce that anyone can use, and everyone can trust. Boson Protocol is built by Redeemeum Labs and an expanding number of decentralized teams.

Partners & developers

For Builders

Boson’s modular stack of smart contracts, APIs, SDKs and plug-and-play UI components enable builders to create commerce applications that anyone can use and everyone can trust.


$BOSON is the native utility token of the protocol

The $BOSON Token is the core economic unit of the Boson ecosystem – used to govern the protocol, incentivize different actors and share in the value created. The token serves three specific purposes.


$BOSON tokens are used by participants to govern Boson Protocol, ensuring consensus around critical decisions and the issuance of funds from the dCommerce DAO.


Boson implements a minimally extractive fee that can be activated by the Boson Protocol DAO through the Protocol fee switch. Fee's accrue to the DAO treasury


Boson Protocol relies on different token policies to support network functionality and health. BOSON is used to align incentives, reward different actors, and bootstrap the network.

Participate in Governance

Join the DAO to support a community-run decentralized commerce ecosystem.

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