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Boson Protocol enables you to build commerce applications that anyone can use and everyone can trust. Decentralized Comerce enables a new world of commerce that bridges the on-chain and off-chain world. Easily add dCommerce capabilities to your dApp, build a web3 marketplace or even create your own loyalty program where your customers can redeem real-world rewards in a Web3-native way.

How it works

Use Cases

Decentralized marketplaces

Easily add native Web3 buyer and seller functionality to your website or app.

Metaverse commerce

Create storefronts, galleries or brand experiences in the most popular decentralized worlds.

Phygital items

Sell unique products with digital twins that span the real world and the digital world.

Sharing economy

Inspire your community to build a sharing economy where they can redeem physical items in a fully decentralized way.

Loyalty programs

Enable your customers to unlock real-world products and services with Boson's NFTs.

Boson Protocol Users

The following organizations have used Boson Protocol’s technology.

Builder Network

Boson Protocol Builders

Discover our network of design and development studios building infrastructure, applications and brand activations on Boson.


Build your own marketplace and benefit from the exchanges facilitated through your interface. Boson implements an agent fee that allows builders to charge a fee on exchanges.

The Boson toolkit

Boson Protocol dApp

The Boson dApp is dual purpose: it creates a self-serve option for users to interact with the Protocol and also serves as an example to developers of how to harness all the above components and libraries.


We are not simply building a protocol – we are building a whole ecosystem. Grants programs are the engine of Web3, driving innovation and creativity. Do you have an idea that will accelerate the growth of dCommerce?

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