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What is Boson Protocol’s Governance Strategy?

Boson Protocol is building the network upon which the decentralized future of commerce will run. A properly decentralized protocol and ecosystem are fundamental for ensuring that Boson Protocol becomes commerce infrastructure that anyone can use and everyone can trust. Governance plays a very important role, as it enables, supports and encourages the community to actively participate in the protocol.

Boson will become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) progressively over time, giving more power to the community. This combination of technology development and community governance requires an approach based on milestones.

What is Boson’s Signalling DAO?

The signalling DAO is the first step towards being more inclusive and community governed. Decision-making in the form of a DAO will become progressively more decentralized in governing Boson Protocol. The signalling DAO is the genesis DAO of Boson Protocol that will support the token holders in deciding how to build the future of commerce.

The community will be able to vote on a range of topics using Snapshot. Snapshot is a voting tool used by DAOs and similar projects to govern some of the decisions in a coordinated manner that remains off-chain.

Boson Protocol Governance Process

Boson Protocol’s governance process allows any token holder to join the discussion on current proposals and vote on Snapshot. To make sure that those decisions are well-informed, as well as properly communicated to the wider community, the governance process in Boson consists of multiple steps.

The governance process consists of several stages:

All ideas and proposals are initially discussed on Discord.
The point of this is to receive community feedback. 
There will be a period of 7 days needed for the proposal to be discussed in the first phase.
Go to Discord (#boson-dao channel)

The next step is gasless Snapshot voting.

On  Snapshot, voting power is linearly proportional to the token balance of the voter at a specified block (”snapshot”). The more BOSON the voter holds in their wallet, the greater the decision-making power the voter gets.

The preferred timeline for snapshot votings is 5 days.
There is one indicator for the vote to pass on Snapshot: Minimum quorum: more than 0.5% of the total circulating token supply must vote for one of the variants.
Go to Snapshot

Post voting
After the voting on Snapshot, the result of the voting will be executed in due time.